Secrets Of Submitting Winning Tenders

Pay attention to the basics:

  • Presentation and orderliness is very important
  • Page numbering, spell-check and a grammar check should be very well done.
  • Use numbered sections and clear headings
  • Provide an index, or a section divider to ensure that the evaluating panel can locate thighs easily.
  • Get someone who did not write it to prove read it. Poor grammar, spelling mistakes, and a hard to read document are signals of an organization, which can’t communicate effectively.
  • Use the headings/format provided: Fit your information into the headings/sections provided in the Standard Tender Document. Do not use your own format unless asked to do so, or if no other structure is provided. This may be an indication that you are unable to comply with specifications given to you by the requesting Entity, or cannot adapt your own information to fit standard formats given to you.
  • Provide a solution: Think of the bigger picture (ie, what is the problem they want resolved?) and offer value-ended solutions. Show a willingness to be responsive to changing needs.
  • Be punctual: If the closing date/time for documents is not later than 2pm on Tuesday, then don’t drop it off at five minutes past will not be accepted. Traffic jams; car breakdowns or slow courier are not excuses. Get your document in at least a day early if possible. Delivering in full can indicate how punctually you will deliver on an approved contract.
  • Follow instructions: If the price is requested to be in a separate envelope, ensure it is in a separate envelope.
  • Be aware of your competitive advantage and use it clearly
  • Provide reference: CV’s for key staff are also helpful.

Source: Public Procurement Authority (PPA)

Officer Corporate Affairs & Facilities Management -Public Procurement Authority (PPA)


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