Frequently Asked Questions

Tender FAQs

When do you seek administrative review?

A complainant can seek administrative review directly at the Public Procurement Authority within twenty-one (21) days of any of the following instances: The complaints submitted at the Entity level is not resolved with twenty-one (21)days; Dissatisfaction with and/or adversely affected by the written decision of the Head of Entity

What tender processes are not subject to review?

Tenderers should note that the following are not subject to review. The selection of a method of procurement; The choice of selection procedure ; The limitation of procurement proceedings A decision by the entity to reject tenders, proposals, offers or quotations

What is the available remedy to disgruntled tenderer?

If for some reason/tenderer/supplier is dissatisfied with the conduct, results or communication of a tender, he/she could seek an administrative review.

Are there any specific criteria for evaluations?

Tender documents are evaluated on the basis of the terms and conditions stated in the tender documents. No criteria other than those prescribed in the tender document can be introduced at any stage of the evaluation process.

Is a tenderer required to attend tender openings?

Tenderers willing to participate in the tender opening should be allowed to do so.

What important information should a tenderer look out for when purchasing a tender document?

A tender document must indicate the deadline for tender submission date, time and venue for the opening

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