Functions of the PPA

Find below listed some functions of the PPA

  • Make proposals for the formulation of policies on procurement
  • Ensure policy implementation and human resource development for public procurement
  • Develop rules, instructions, other regulatory documentation on public procurement and formats for public procurement documentation
  • Monitor and supervise public procurement and ensure compliance with statutory requirements
  • Have the right to obtain information concerning public procurement from contracting authorities
  • Establish and implement an information system relating to public procurement
  • Publish by the end of each month a public procurement Bulletin which shall contain information germane to public procurement, including proposed procurement notices of invitation to tender and contract award information
  • Assess the operations of the public procurement process and submit proposals to the Board for improvement of the processes
  • Present annual reports to the Minister on the procurement processes
  • Facilitate the training of public officials involved in public procurement at various levels
  • Develop, promote and support training and professional developement of persons engaged in public procurement, and ensure adherence by trained persons to ethical standards
  • Advise Government including Metropolitan, Municipal and District Assemblies on issues relating to public procurement
  • Organize and participate in the complaints and administrative review procedures in Part Seven
  • Plan and co-ordinate technical assistance in the field of public procurement
  • Maintain a register of procurement entities and members of and secretaries to tender committees of public procurement entities
  • Maintain a data base of suppliers, contractors and consultants and a record of prices to assist in the work of procurement entities