Training on the Newly Developed Standardized Procurement Audit Framework

Course Title:     

Newly Developed Standardized Procurement Audit Framework (SPAF) To Conduct/Carry Out/Execute All Procurement-Related Audit in Ghana


Date:                                                                                     Venue:

14th – 17th November, 2023                                                          Koforidua


5th – 8th December, 2023                                                               Kumasi                                                


Course Overview:

To build a more robust oversight function of public entities, the Government of Ghana with funding from the European Union (EU) developed a Standardized Procurement Audit Framework (SPAF) to improve and coordinate procurement audit of the Ghana Audit Service (GAS), Internal Audit Agency (IAA) and Public Procurement Authority (PPA). This training is to build the capacity of participants to enable participants to carry out internal, external and specific audits into the procurement activities of entities and compliance by contractors, suppliers, and consultants.


Course Objectives:

  • Explain the objectives and procedures used by PPA, GAS and IAA to undertake their legal mandates.
  • Apply the guidelines recommended in the SPAF for undertaking Procurement Audit and Monitoring.


Training Methodology:

The training methodology will employ adult learning techniques like building on participants’ experiences and engaging them in reflective processes such that participants can discover by themselves and adopt the practical application of various concepts taught.  This will be achieved by means of the following training methods:

  • Formal presentations with audio-visual aids
  • Discussions
  • Group/Syndicate Work/Exercises
  • Plenary sessions


Personal Benefits:

Provide participants with the requisite knowledge to carry out audit activities in accordance with their legal mandate, with the objective of meeting financial, Compliance and Performance/Value for Money considerations.


Who should Attend:

Procurement Practitioners, Auditors, Finance Officers, Legal Officers, Engineers, Quantity Surveyors and Entity Tender Committee (ETC) Members.


Course Outline (Topics):

  • Legal Framework for Conduct of Public Procurement Audit
  • Overview of Standardized Procurement Audit Framework
  • Audit Activities: Financial Considerations
  • Audit Activities: Compliance Considerations
  • Audit Activities: Performance/Value for Money Considerations
  • Procurement Audit Methodology
  • Guidelines for determination of Sample Size
  • Guidelines for Data Collection, Analysis and reporting
  • PPA Procurement Principles and Methods
  • World Bank Procurement Principles and Methods
  • EU Procurement Principles and Methods
  • Fraud and Corruption ‘Red Flags’


Course Fees:

Residential:GHC 6,900.00
Non-Residential:GHC 3,600.00


The residential package includes accommodation and feeding and a night check-in before the workshop.


To Register and further clarification, please call or send an email to the details below:

Contact:               +233 302 296 4607



PPA Capacity Development Directorate – Training to impact Professionalism


Officer Corporate Affairs & Facilities Management -Public Procurement Authority (PPA)