Training on Preparation and Evaluation of Framework Agreement for Goods, Works and Technical Services

Course Title: Understanding the Best Practices on Preparation and Evaluation of Framework Agreement (FWA) for Goods, Works and Technical Services


Framework agreement is a strategic/long-term agreement with suppliers, contractors and service providers which sets out terms and conditions under which specific procurements (call-offs) can be made throughout the term of the agreement.

Framework agreements are generally based on prices that are either pre-agreed or determined at the call-off stage through competition or a process allowing their revision without further competition.

√ Section 34A of Act 663 as amended provides for the use of framework contracting/agreements where the context permits and this shall be in accordance with the guidelines issued by the PPA.

√ Framework agreement is not a method of procurement but a contracting arrangement which could be used after the conclusion of any method of procurement.

√ Framework agreements are particularly suitable when procuring recurrent items or common user items over a prolonged period (three years)

Objectives of the Training Programme:


  1. Explain the concept of Framework contracting.
  2. State the benefits of framework contracting in improving efficiency and the achievement of Value for Money in Public Procurement
  3. Explain the mechanisms in the formation of Framework Agreements in public procurement.
  4. Identify possible challenges in the management of framework Agreements and associated contracts.

Training Methodology:

The training methodology will employ adult learning techniques like building on participants’ experiences and engaging them in reflective processes such that participants can discover by themselves and adopt practical application of various concepts taught. This will be achieved by means of the following training methods:

  • Formal presentations with audio-visual aids
  • Discussions
  • Group/Syndicate Work/Exercises
  • Plenary Sessions


Organizational Benefits:

  • It makes the procurement of strong and ongoing (continuous or repeated) demand over a period.
  • Entities can secure the benefits of centralized purchasing, through demand aggregation, while retaining flexibility in purchase quantities and delivery schedules.
  • Call-offs in FWA have a faster processing time and reduced paperwork because prices and terms have been settled in advance and there is no need for further negotiation.
  • Lower administrative costs and less need for entities to carry inventory.
  • For substantial improvements in procurement efficiency and commodity availability.

Personal Benefits:

  • Provides detailed insight into the FWA contracting and call-off conditions.
  • Hands-on/practical skills on how to prepare FWA Standard tender documents for the various categories of procurement.
  • How to evaluate FWA tender documents
  • Acquire technical capacity to develop and manage long-term contracts

Target Audience/Who should Attend:       

Procurement Practitioners, Facilities Managers, Stores Managers, Auditors, Finance Officers, Legal Officers, Engineers, Quantity Surveyors and Entity Tender Committee (ETC) Members.

Course Outline (Topics):

  1. Guidelines for FWA
  2. Procurement Cycle for FWA
  3. Introduction to FWA Standard Tender Documents
  4. Tendering Process – FWA
  5. Evaluation of Tenders – FWA
  6. Principles of Contracts and Procurement Contracts
  7. Conditions Suitable for Framework Agreements
  8. Principles of Framework Agreements
  9. Types of Framework Agreements
  10. Terms and Conditions for Framework Agreements
  11. Stages and steps in establishing Framework Agreements and
  12. Call-off Contracts
  13. Framework Agreement Challenges


Course participation Details:

Date: Accra: 7th – 10th November, 2023            

Kumasi: 21st – 24th November, 2023


Course Fees:

Non-Residential – GHC 3,600.00

Residential – GHC 6,900.00

The residential package includes accommodation and feeding a night before the workshop.

Venue: To be communicated later.

Contact: +233 302 296 4607



PPA Capacity Development Directorate – Training to impact Professionalism

Officer Corporate Affairs & Facilities Management -Public Procurement Authority (PPA)