Advertiser’s Announcements

The Public Procurement Authority wishes to bring to the attention of Procurement Entities (PEs) the following important announcements:

Advertisement of tender notices

Pursuant to section 47(4) of the Public Procurement Act,2003(Act 663) as amended, all Procurement Entities are required to advertise their tender notices on the website of the Public Procurement Authority (PPA). This is in addition to the publication in one newspaper of wide national or international circulation for NCT and ICT respectively.PPA is concerned about the blatant disregard for the non-compliance of this mandatory provision of the law. Entities are by this notice, advised to henceforth desist from this procurement infraction by advertising their tenders on the PPA’s website at the approved fee of GHS 800.00. Entities are advised to contact the PPA at its Head Office located on the 6th Floor, SSNIT Emporium Building, Airport City-Accra and at its Zonal Offices in Kumasi and Takoradi for assistance.

Enhanced Procurement Planning tool

In accordance with Section 21 of Act 663 as amended, the Authority is reminding all Entities to submit their approved 2021 procurement plans latest by end of 30 April, 2021. It is worth noting that, in accordance with the Public Financial Management Act, 2016 (Act 921 ), budgets of entities are to be implemented on the oracle Hyperion software at the Ministry of Finance soon after the passage of the Appropriations Act which will be uploaded onto PPAs online procurement planning software.

Entities are to note that, the Governing Board of the PPA will not consider any applications for the use of Single Source and Restricted Tendering procurement methods unless procurement packages are captured in the approved procurement plans of such entities. Kindly note that these plans must be captured electronically via http//

Publication or Posting of Contracts Awarded

Pursuant to section 31(1) of the Public Procurement Act, (2003) as amended, all Procurement Entities are required to promptly publish all contracts that are awarded by the Entity on the PPA’s website. The Public Procurement Authority (PPA) is by this notice reminding all Procurement Entities to endeavour to comply with this statutory requirement by posting all contracts awarded on PPA’s website immediately the procurement processes are completed and the eventual contracts are awarded.

Capacity Development

Considering the fact that training constitutes a critical part of the implementation of the Public Procurement Act, 2003 (Act 663) as amended, the PPA wishes to entreat Entities who may have challenges in the application of the law to formally request for specialized training. The ultimate objective of the Authority is to promote and support the training and professional development of persons engaged in public procurement and ensure adherence to ethical standards and avoid any possible infractions of the law.

For further information, please contact the PPA on Tel: 0552565494/0505846550 or Email:




Officer Corporate Affairs & Facilities Management -Public Procurement Authority (PPA)