PPA Chief Executive to Serve on World Bank’s Advisory Team on Procurement

The Chief Executive of the Public Procurement Authority (PPA) is attending the inaugural meeting of the World Bank’s International Advisory Group on Procurement scheduled to take place in Washington-DC from 4th -5th June, 2012. Hon. Samuel Sallas-Mensah has been appointed by the World Bank to serve as member of this Advisory Group which is mandated to conduct comprehensive periodic reviews of Procurement Policies and Procedures used by the Bank and its borrowers.

The composition of the IAGP is made up of leading experts, practitioners and innovators in the area of public procurement, public administration, private sector, civil society organizations and the academia.

The aim of the Bank is to identify possible changes to its procurement policies that will allow the Bank to maintain its status as the global leader in procurement in development while adapting to new opportunities and challenges in a changing world. The Group’s principal activity is therefore to advise and comment on review proposals and consider operational procurement elements that will aid in the realization of the objectives of the Bank’s new Program –for-Results (P4R) financing instrument.

Hon. Sallas-Mensah has served in previous years in a similar capacity with the Bank as member of the Parliamentary Oversight Committee. He has a distinguished career in taxation, management consulting and audit services with remarkable proficiency in public accountability and anti-corruption issues. He is an astute politician with tremendous experience in public financial management of which public procurement is a major component.

The Public Procurement Act, 2003 (Act 663) mandates the PPA to regulate, assess and ensure full compliance by entities to all the provisions of the Act. It does not undertake procurement on behalf of entities but rather seeks to build their capacities to enable effective implementation of the Act.


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