What are the objectives of Public Procurement?

According to Act 663 Section 2, the object of the Authority is to harmonize the process of public procurement in the public service to secure a judicious, economic and efficient use of state resources in public procurement and ensure that public procurement is carried out in a fair, transparent and non-discriminatory manner.

What are works?

According to Acct 663 Section 98, works means work associated with the construction, reconstruction, demolition, repair or renovation of a building or structure or surface and includes site preparation, excavation, erection, assembly, installation of plant, fixing of equipment and laying out of materials, decoration and finishing and any incidental activity under procurement contract.

What are Services?

According to Act 663 Section 98, service means the furnishing of labour, time, or effort not involving the delivery of a specific end product other reports, which are merely incidental to the required performance; and includes consulting, professional and technical services but does not include employment agreements or collective bargaining agreements.

What are goods?

According to Act 663 Section 98, goods means objects of every kind and description including raw materials, products and equipment and objects in solid, liquid or gaseous form and electricity, as well as services incidental to the to the supply of the goods if the value of those incidental services do not exceed that of[…..]