Frequently Asked Questions

Public awareness workshops on three new financial laws:

  • the financial administration act 2003, act (654),
  • internal audit agency act 2003, act (658), and
  • public procurement act 2003, (act 663)

What other training opportunities are available to public apart from the ongoing workshops?

In house training by facilitators at the request of any Entity. But not at a cost to the Board.

How do you reconcile EU framework contract with the new laws?

EU framework contract shall be in accordance with the terms specified by EU.

When does one prepare a procurement plan; before or after receiving the approved budget?

Procurement Entity shall submit to its tender committee not later than one month to the end of financial year the procurement plan for the year for approval. Each procurement entity shall submit an update of the procurement plan to the Tender Committee after approval of the budget and at quarterly intervals. Section 21 of the Procurement Act.

For some goods you have to use them for good period (e.g. three weeks) before you can finally accept it, can Final Acceptance for goods be reviewed to cater for the testing period?

Yes, it can be reviewed but only through the Act of parliament since the law was passed by an act of parliament. For the purpose of accepting quality goods, duration can be given before the final acceptance.

Assuming a procurement cost cannot be met at a given time due to its cost, what will be do since you are not to divide procurement order into parts?

You administer the procurement according to the approved budget. You have to order the procurement according to the amount available

How do you determine the financial resources or turnover of a tender?

Through their audited financial statement or their bank statement, if possible their assets

For one who does not have ceiling or approved budget how does he prepare a procurement plan?

You can prepare your procurement plan, then after the approval of the budget you update the plan or review it.

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