Fictitious Organizations Awarding Contracts

Important Public Caution – New Information:


The Public Procurement Board or Authority does NOT:

  • Procure for or on behalf of any Governmental Entity.
  • Award any contract for or on behalf of any Governmental Entity.
  • Invite tenders for or on behalf of any Governmental Entity

The General Public and all visitors to our Website are hereby advised to disregard any correspondence purported to be coming from the Board or any member of the Public Procurement Authority in relation to the above activities.
Thank you.

PPA Public Relations
It has come to the attention of the Public Procurement Authority-Ghana that certain fictitious organizations are awarding contracts on behalf of the Government of Ghana. Notable among them are:

  • Ghana Procurement Service with website and
  • Ghana Tender Board with website
  • Bureau of Public & Contract Commission Authority with website
  • Tenders Gh with website:
  • A Fake Version of the PPA webiste at : these fraudsters are also emailing unsuspecting companies. These have nothing to do with Ghana government procurement. Anyone who deals with them does so at his or her own risk.